Horoscopes- Why Are They So Popular And Are They True?

Horoscope is so popular these days that you can hardly open your daily newspapers, magazines and web pages without seeing one. If you subscribe to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or Orkut, you will even receive a daily horoscope right into your inbox via email.


The ubiquity of many types of horoscopes only shows just how hooked many people are, even though there are still a large number of individuals who simply do not believe in them. With all this in mind, have you ever wondered why is it that horoscope is so popular nowadays? For that matter, we will discuss, throughout this article, some of the top reasons why many people passionately read their horoscopes on a daily basis.

Basic Types

For starters, let’s just go over some of the most common types of horoscopes these days. The majority of them are based on Chinese and Vedic astrology, while others depend on Ramal, Tarot and other, less known, astrology approaches. Every astrology branch has its own unique features that can help you gain an edge in various spheres of your life.

Now, let’s focus on the what makes the horoscope so popular.

Relationships & Love Life

This comes as a no surprise, as people have been trying to improve their love lives for ages. They are eager to read and know their horoscope, so as to see if their particular zodiac sign is compatible with their partner’s. They also love to read their horoscope to learn more about the behaviors, attitudes and personal traits of their potential partners.

Life Guide

SDASDASDSSince reading the horoscope has become a natural habit of many people, they find great pleasure and satisfaction in knowing something about their destiny and future. By reading the horoscope, they can gain some peace of mind in knowing what the near future holds for them. As a result, these people have started using the horoscope as their warning or guide which can help them prepare appropriate plans and actions and improve their decision-making processes.

Knowing Their Luck

Aside from using the horoscope as their love or life guide, people also tend to read it to see if they can expect any success in their careers, business endeavors or daily work. They are also curious as to know what their lucky colors are, as well as birthstones and numbers.

Entertainment & Amusement

While most people read horoscopes for the purposes as mentioned above, there is still a significant number of those who read them purely for entertainment purposes. These people mostly do not believe in astrology, and they do not take horoscope predictions seriously. However, they tend to read them so as to satisfy their curiosity and for fun.

Are Horoscopes Real?

Many people doubt their accuracy because there are only 12 zodiac signs that are supposed to represent billions of people all over the globe. They think that it is astrologically impossible to accurately predict the fates of so many individuals just through these 12 signs.

However, if an experienced astrologist makes their predictions according to the basic astrology principles, they will roughly hold true for the majority of people. That way, we can view the horoscope as an accurate generalization that can be reasonably true from a wider perspective.