The Difficulty in Losing Weight is Real

Most of the times, when we look up weight loss on the Internet, the instructions, diet, schedules and even success stories of people who lose significant amounts, all look very easy. Well, it turns out that weight loss is far from a walk in the park. Literally and figuratively mainly because there is no shortcut to losing weight; even the pills meant to make a difference within days or weeks, are not that effective.

The worst setback is not in losing weight, but in keeping it low. Most people start off well, exercising and planning healthy diets, but once someone loses the weight intended or something close, they tend to relax. According to experts, 80% of people who lose weight gain it all back and sometimes even add more.

Some of the factors that make it almost impossible to lose weight are the following:


You have to understand that weight loss requires determination and positivity. When you have the right drive, it becomes easy to hold on to your goals. People who are forced to lose weight or are discouraged by a little change over a long time usually find it hard to lose weight.

women working out


Why work out for half an hour then take a soda after? That is another way of just circling calories in and out of your body. Diet and fitness exercise are co-dependent, and they must be moving in the same direction. In this Fitness Report, you will see how Ketogenic diet would be of help to achieve your goals.


woman wearing yellowTo some, taking pills is better than a run in the morning. This is wrong. Exercise does not work just minus the calories; it is also a great chance to improve your cardio, other metabolisms, and to have fun.

Cravings for sugary foods is also a major cause for regaining lost weight. It is one of the difficult things to give up, and it takes a lot of strong will to push them aside. Lack of time; school, work, and family are the major reasons why people do not have time to exercise.

Now that you know the milestones in weight loss, review each factor and compare it to your personal situations. Make strategies such as making short, achievable goals for your long-term ones, seek support from friends, family and even social media. Also, a remarkably great influence in keeping up with your progress, take healthy substitutes for unhealthy foods and drinks, have focus and learn to balance between keeping fit and healthy, and social life. Always ensure that you are constantly on the check with your level and you have the positive attitude towards making your life and body healthy for long.…