Elements of effective writing

Construction defects handled by stucco law firms are based on construction law. Professional negligence in construction cases is common and parties that are aggrieved of such conduct can proceed to court to recover damages. The amount of damages recovered is dictated by the amount of evidence gathered during inspection and investigation. Lawyers like Florida Stucco Lawyers are adequately experienced to gather substantive information and make a compelling case for you in court or during settlement proceedings. Out of court settlements are majorly hinged on negotiation and persuasion between the parties. Correspondence between lawyers can thereby be described as a battle of might in as far as persuasive and efficient writing is concerned. Writing is essential in the drafting of legal opinions, pleadings, submissions and demand letters.

Psychology of writing

In writing it is prudent for the writer to endeavor and grab the reader’s attention. Writing psychology deals with how you write a legal document and not why you decide to write. In this regard, a writer should always be mindful of his psychological frame and state of mind. It is a psychological fact that your mood will largely determine the quality of the final document.


It is recommended that writers undertake to create an outline that sets out an organizational framework through which the issues, the law, and arguments will be presented. Without a proper context, it is probable that the writing will lack flow and coherence. Flow and coherence are crucial in writing because they will eventually determine the quality of the final document.


Legal drafting constitutes various types including persuasive writing and informative writing. Persuasive wring requires the author to pay attention to content and layout and therefore the organizational structure is critical. The line of argument of the author will determine the organization and layout of the entire document.

However, informative writing contains information that will be beneficial to the reader. In most cases, such writing is succinct and precise. Writers are with this advised to stick to facts and avoid arguing or unsubstantiated averments.


As soon as you are done writing, it is imperative to reread and ascertain that your content is well organized and free from minor errors. Also, editing entails checking out the transition between paragraphs and making sure that they are smooth and coherent. In essence, during editing emphasis should be put on citations, structure, clarity, and citations.


This refers to correction of grammatical and surface errors. It is required that the legal drafters are mindful of spelling and punctuations.…